Influence of Emotional Intelligence (EI) on Resilience for the Betterment of Work Performance (WP)


  • Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur Rehman Associate Professor , Department of Leadership and Management Studies , National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Arveena Huma Research Scholar , Department of LMS , National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Arif Nawaz Ph. D Scholar , Department of Commerce , Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan


COVID-19 Perspective, Emotional Intelligence, Managers, Resilience, Work Performance


The study focuses on work performance in organizations, as it is one of the major issues in modern workplaces. Research not only explored based on empirical evidence through observation and analysis, but also, we collected data as of real time example. Now a day due to COVID-19 pandemic, and omicron variant spread is everywhere. Mostly peoples are hand to mouth and face adverse conditions economically. In any organization, management tries to achieve its objectives within limited its resources. However, to manage workers and their work performance in order to meet the objectives is very difficult task. After establishing the grounds for research within stipulated area, a theoretical framework was drafted to conceptualize the nature of the proposed linkage. A sample of 223 was selected to collect data. After screening the data, and inputting in the software, various tests were employed to carry out analysis and then generate results. Conclusively, results show a significant impact of emotional intelligence on work performance, and the study recommends theoretical and practical implications.





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