Impact of Social Status of Teachers on Students’ Learning


  • Dr. Muhammad Asghar Ali Assistant Professor , Department of Education , Women University of AJ&K Bagh, AJ&K Pakistan
  • Saerah Shakir M. Phil Scholar , Department of Education , Women University of AJ&K Bagh, AJ&K, Pakistan
  • Dr. Fouzia Tabassum Federal Government Educational Institutions (C/G) Wah Region, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan


Social Status, Students’ Learning, Teachers


The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of social status of teachers on student’s learning. Population of this study was the secondary schools teachers of District Bagh AJ&K, Pakistan. A sample of 100 teachers and 100 students were selected using a random sampling technique. A questionnaire was developed to collect the data from sample of the study. The validity and reliability were estimated based on opinion of a panel of experts and Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, respectively. The data was collected, tabulated, analyzed, interpreted and conclusions were drawn. Finding revealed that unlike other professions teaching profession and teachers are not enjoying the status like other professions. Even than teachers are satisfied with their profession but they are agreed that social status of teachers is declining and political interference to appointing teachers also effects on social status. It is also concluded that poor social image of teachers is a cause of less motivation that’s why value and respect of teacher is declining in our society. The positive and significant correlation is present between social status of teachers and students’ learning.





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