Child Labor in Pakistan: Causes, Consequences and Prevention


  • Dr. Sayed Raza Shah Gilani Assistant Professor , Department of Law , Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP, Pakistan
  • Shehla Zahoor Lecturer , Department of law , Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar, KP, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Arshad Iqbal Assistant Professor , Department of law , Govt. Post Graduate Jahanzeb College Saidu Shrif Swat KP, Pakistan


Child Abuse, Child Labor as a Crime, Child labor Laws in Pakistan


This article addresses the underexplored but persistent problem of child labour in Pakistan. Child labour is a constitutionally declared crime in Pakistan yet one can see a little progress in eliminating the scourge of child labour from Pakistan. In fact, it is on the rise. What causes child labour? This article posits that child labour can be reduced in Pakistan if the nexus between extractive state institutions and the exploitative private sector is ruptured. This could be done by strengthening democracy and empowering the parliament, so that it is able to make and implement robust anti-child labour laws in the country. The various laws and the constitution of the country provide in clear terms that child labor is a heinous and prohibited crime which comes at the cost of child and in turn impacting the social, intellectual, psychological and moral development of the child.





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