The Revival and Transformation of Witchcraft Beliefs in the Bardiya District: A Socio-cultural and Religious Analysis


  • Sunil Rawal Faculty member, Department of Sociology, Patan Multiple Campus, TU, Lalitpur



Attitudes, Beliefs, Perception, Social Harmony, Socio-cultural Analysis, Witchcraft


This article aims to investigate the perceptions and beliefs surrounding witchcraft in Bardiya District, shedding light on the contemporary understanding of this complex phenomenon. The belief in witchcraft has been around for centuries, and it is still prevalent in many cultures today. Bardiya District in Nepal is a unique place to study witchcraft because it has a diverse population with a variety of beliefs about witchcraft. By employing a sociocultural analysis, the study explores the local attitudes, experiences, and social dynamics related to witchcraft in this particular region of Nepal. Through qualitative research methods such as interviews, focus groups, and participant observations, the article seeks to uncover the underlying factors influencing the perception of witchcraft, its impact on individuals and communities, and potential socio-psychological implications. The findings of this research contribute to a broader understanding of how witchcraft is perceived and navigated within Bardiya District, thereby enabling the development of culturally sensitive interventions and initiatives to address misconceptions and promote social harmony. A recent study in Bardiya District found that a significant percentage of people believe in witchcraft. The study also found that there is a relationship between religious affiliation and belief in witchcraft. Hindus are more likely to believe in witchcraft than Buddhists or Muslims. The study also found that witchcraft accusations are often made against marginalized groups, such as women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. These accusations can have a devastating impact on the lives of the accused.





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Rawal, S. (2023). The Revival and Transformation of Witchcraft Beliefs in the Bardiya District: A Socio-cultural and Religious Analysis. Pakistan Social Sciences Review, 7(3), 15–25.