US Strategy over Russian Invasion of Ukraine: An Analysis


  • Maira Pervaiz MS Scholar, Department of Strategic Studies, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan



Invasion, Russia, Strategy, Ukraine, USA


This paper is written to understand the historical aspect of ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and how US used its grand strategic elements in the situation of war between both actors and focused on the US strategy over the Russian invasion of Ukraine listing the main driving forces of the US grand strategy and their role in the current humanitarian crisis and the role the US had been playing. Additionally, the causes that led to such involvement and massacre had also been discussed in this research with an analysis of the situation from both sides giving a little bit of history regarding the situation the world is witnessing now. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has a historical background and had an episode of invasion by Russia in 2014 that was solved through diplomatic means. This was an explanatory study that used qualitative data analysis and was based on secondary data. The study analyzed two variables, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the US strategy over the event. This research found that the US supported Ukraine and posed on Russia to undermine the Russian invasion or may had some other intentions of regime change in Russia and to plot a puppet government there to control the global power politics situation. This study recommends US to stick to humanitarian support to Ukraine as sanctions imposed on Russia had already made things worse for developing economies and global supply chain and energy market.





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