Urdu Translation of Stirling Children Emotional and Psychological Well-Being Scale in Pakistan


  • Beenish Sarfaraz Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, University of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Dr. Shahid Iqbal Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Abdul Haq Campus Federal Urdu of Arts, Science and Technology Karachi, Pakistan
  • Dr. Zahid Iqbal Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan


Children, Psychological Well Being, Standrization, Translation


The present study was conducted on translation and standardization of the Stirling children emotional and Psychological Well-being Scale in the Urdu language. It was earlier established by the Liddle and Carter (2015). Translation process acquired with back translation and qualitative item analysis were completed by the linguistic experts. Subsequently, it was applied on the 500 samples of the school children. A total of (n=250) boys and (n=250) girls were recruited in the study. The sample was collected through convenience sampling from the school in Hyderabad city of Pakistan in December 2018.The respondents' ages ranged from 10-18 years. (Mean =13.68, SD =1.29). Cronbach’s alpha reliability of (SCWBS) was measured. The reliability coefficients of the (r=0.77) indicate its reliable status. This scale provides a useful tool for education professionals to assess well-being from a positive psychological perspective.





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