Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Governance: A Case Study of Pakistan


  • Dr. Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan




Tangible, Intangible, Governance, Institution, Institutional Governance, Good Governance


As oxygen is essential for the survival of the human being likewise good governance is absolute reality for the survival of any state. Inspite of having tangible and intangible resources, Pakistan is under stress. One of the important reasons, is its’ governing pattern which is not only corrupt but also has become malaise. It all weakened Pakistan. In Pakistan, the institutions have institutional gaps which not only restricted the capacity and capability of the institutions but also raised the questions over the credibility of the state. This paper will examine the issue of governance in Pakistan in the context of institutional governance. The research recommends that by keeping in mind the severity of current socio-economic and political challenges, Pakistan needs institutional governance in order to execute quality decisions. This paper is structured on qualitative methodology, based on secondary source data and used exploratory research technique to frame a case study.





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Asif, M. (2024). Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Governance: A Case Study of Pakistan. Pakistan Social Sciences Review, 8(2), 451–462. https://doi.org/10.35484/pssr.2024(8-II-S)39