Political Tribalism and Governance Model in Pakistan


  • Dr. Shakila Noor Sindhu Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan




Democracy, Globalization, Governance, Human Capital, Local Government, Political Tribalism


This research is going to explore the importance of micromanagement for building macro structures. It would focus on the centralization model of governance that was adopted in postcolonial period and how it hurt the dream of sustainable democracy and good governance in Pakistan. The theoretical framework of this paper is furnished on the work of George Polya and Robert D. Putnam. The research would highlight that local government is not a choice but a mandatory business for Pakistani federation and society. The destiny of more than 200 million people is Intertwined with the success and failure of its system. The main research questions is that how an effective local government could mitigate the negative impacts of political tribalism in Pakistan. This is an analytical study based on secondary sources. The data was collected from books, journal articles, newspapers and social media websites, mainly You Tube.





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Sindhu, S. N. (2024). Political Tribalism and Governance Model in Pakistan. Pakistan Social Sciences Review, 8(2), 544–555. https://doi.org/10.35484/pssr.2024(8-II-S)47